Bellaire, Michigan Historic Accommodations Guide

The Grand Victorian
The Grand Victorian
(Bed & Breakfast Inn)
The Grand Victorian
402 N Bridge Street
Bellaire, MI 49615

Although you may have simply been looking for Michigan accommodations, when you stay at the Grand Victorian you get much, much more. Our historic inn exudes Victorian charm and is a bed and breakfast you won’t soon forget. In 1890, a young man by the name of Henry Richardi began construction of what is now recognized by experts as one of the most perfect examples of Queen Anne Victorian Architecture. Since popularized as a B&B, the Grand Victorian has received numerous esteemed recognitions, featured on calendars, books, magazine covers, and as a marketing icon for national advertising promotions. Visitors and guests to the Grand Victorian receive detailed tours and have opportunity to peruse the historic photo albums that highlight the rich heritage of the area and the home. Has Launched! is a human-curated, invitation only

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They provide visitors a genuine opportunity to

connect with the past, while enjoying restful lodging,

excellent cuisine, gracious hospitality and more.


Sadly, countless historically significant structures

have been (and continue to be) lost forever.


Many of those that endure, do so largely because of the

vision, passion and dedication of devoted and enterprising

proprietors, companies and others, who (usually after great effort

and expense) offer them as living, interactive lodging facilities

reflecting the rich historical fabric within which they are woven.


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