Delaware Historic Accommodations Guide

The Terry House
Terry House
(Bed & Breakfast)
130 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720

The Terry House Bed and Breakfast, located in historic New Castle, Delaware, is a Federal Townhouse, circa 1860. Architects regard the Terry House as impressive, and Federal in architectural style, characteristic of its period, the middle 1800's — that of 1859-1865, when it was built. Howell Terry began to build his house just before the Civil War of 1860. The Terry heirs sold the property to the New Castle Century Club in 1916, which was organized by a group of women interested in civic improvement and the cultural advancement of its members. The house was purchased in 1985 and renovated into the current arrangement as a Bed and Breakfast. The house is the same on the exterior as it was originally built, with the exception of a row of windows on the 4th floor at the back. The first floor and stairwell are in original condition. The kitchen has been modernized, and the guest rooms have been altered to include private baths. A small guest room on the second floor has built-in cabinets that were installed for the kitchen, and that was part of one of the apartments when the building was the Century Club. Our guest rooms are spacious, with private baths, queen size beds and modern amenities. The rooms offer a view of Battery Park or Market Square and the Court House and the Delaware River during the winter months. The Terry House porches look out over Battery Park and Delaware River and are the perfect spot to relax after a day of shopping, sightseeing, or special events in New Castle.

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