Albion, California Historic Accommodations Guide

Fensalden Inn
Fensalden Inn
(Bed & Breakfast Inn)
Fensalden Inn
33810 Navarro Ridge Road
Albion, CA 95410

Fensalden Inn, our tranquil Bed and Breakfast, is located on the Northern California Coast just south of Mendocino. Fensalden is a completely renovated 1860s-era stagecoach stop that offers the traveler eight romantic accommodations with ocean views, fireplaces, private bathrooms and gourmet breakfasts. More than just California coast lodging, Fensalden Inn and her hosts, Chris, Molli and Michaela, offer a unique experience designed to pamper each visitor. Come visit this premier California romantic getaway in Mendocino: The Land of Sea And Mist, Fensalden Inn. Located 150 miles north of San Francisco, it's a beautiful drive through the Anderson Valley wine country, and Redwood Forest to reach our Mendocino area lodging. Has Launched! is a human-curated, invitation only

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excellent cuisine, gracious hospitality and more.


Sadly, countless historically significant structures

have been (and continue to be) lost forever.


Many of those that endure, do so largely because of the

vision, passion and dedication of devoted and enterprising

proprietors, companies and others, who (usually after great effort

and expense) offer them as living, interactive lodging facilities

reflecting the rich historical fabric within which they are woven.


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